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Wearin' of the Green

Wednesday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day and one of my favorite Holidays (the other one being Halloween.) Each year, my memories trail backwards: to parades on Fifth Avenue, having a handsome fireman bend me over and plant a big kiss on me (I was thrilled, being fifteen and loving the shocked look on my girlfriends' faces) Then, we deemed it innocent fun. Today, it might be called something else. There was the emotionally charged March 17th that came six months after 9/11, and saw a flag carried for each fireman or woman who lost their life on that day. There was meeting up with family and friends outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, hoping for sun each year, yet sometimes freezing our buns off.

There have been years upon years of corned beef and cabbage dinners, listening to Van Morrison and The Chieftains, and the Pogues, and of course, making Irish Soda Bread. And don't forget the Guinness (and no green dye in that, pulleeze!)

In recent years I have celebrated more fully, having discovered my 100% Irish heritage and what that means to me.

Last year, and again this year, I missed seeing the parade and hearing the grand bagpipes (and oh yes, men in kilts) but hope next year brings a return to all that.

Meanwhile, I dug up some of my favorite pix from St. Patrick's Days past.

Hope you enjoy.

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