My "Jars" collection, a long standing project worked on while writing Tablecloth Nights, and taking care of the usual life things, was conceptualized as a rebuttal to the tediousness of "putting up" fruits and vegetables in jars at harvest time. I chose to create "stories" within the jars. 19 Jars are at the finish line now; photographing them and/or making a short video is the next step. I can't wait to see this enchanting collection displayed in a gallery, though the pandemic has altered the goal somewhat, but we'll see. In the meanwhile, please enjoy these images. You can click on each image and view it in it's entirety, with it's title.  Or just browse through... 

Holly Jolly Christmas
Artist  in a Bottle
Virginia Beach
Elvis and the Bridesmaid
All that Glitters is not Gold
Americana 2
Time Waits for No One
The Fortune you seek is in another cookie
Gather Ye Rosebuds
Do You Believe?