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This "Jars" collection, entitled What Lies Within, is a long standing project worked on while writing Tablecloth Nights. The project was conceptualized as a rebuttal to the tediousness of "putting up" fruits and vegetables in jars at harvest time. I chose to create "stories" within the jars. 19 Jars are at the finish line now. I can't wait to see this enchanting collection displayed in a gallery. In the meanwhile, please enjoy these images. Click on each image and view it in it's entirety, with it's title.  Or just browse through... 

Holly Jolly Christmas
Artist  in a Bottle
Virginia Beach
Elvis and the Bridesmaid
All that Glitters is not Gold
Americana 2
Time Waits for No One
The Fortune you seek is in another cookie
Gather Ye Rosebuds
Do You Believe?
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