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Joyful June Greetings Blog Pals,

You'll notice my May letter at right, which I'm including because some unexplainable website glitchy thing happened last month and only two people received the blog notice...bummer. You can read about the mystery novel I'm working on - a new genre for me.

Hope that the gremlins have been chased out by the WIX folks.

Anyway, I'm thrilled that the many shades of delightful green are happening now, along with the warmth, the fragrance, multiple birdsongs, the croak of mating frogs in the pond and, when the temps rise, screeching tree frogs. It's a symphony.  Ahh, it's so...June-y.

It's been a pleasure to cast aside our masks in many situations, though the lines are not clearly drawn everywhere. Even so, what a delight to see people's smiles and not have to ascertain if their eyes are crinkling or not.

Hope you all are enjoying the new freedom, as well as the freedom from winter's accoutrements...farewell to boots and scarves and gloves and layers, oh my.

Stay Well!
Best, Fern

Hi Blog Friends,

May days, May days, dear and fragrant May days.
Here in the Catskills, we watch the happy yellows of daffodils and forsythia fade as the purples and whites of lilacs peek out and entice us with their fragrance. Even a few days of rain and subsequent muddy ground can do little more than slightly dampen our enthusiasm as the grass greens up, and the trees give forth their canopy. 

In between enjoying the bounties of nature, I've gotten back to some writing and begun editing a first draft of my mystery novel. Regrettably, I have no working title at present, so I'll just refer to it as "Harry" here.

"Harry" is set in the quaint fictional village of Ashton, in the Catskills. Ashton had been relocated when the original town was submerged due to the building of the Reservoir, built to provide water to NYC. You will meet the Babes, who run the popular NorbuHaven Motel in Ashton, and reside on site. Of course, one of the Babes turns out to be an amateur sleuth and gets involved with, what else?  A dead body. Her sidekicks, as eccentric and creative as she is, are supportive and entertaining. I think you'll like it. I'm acclimating to the fictional world; it's new to me.

Happy May, Stay Well!
Best, Fern

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Fern Suess writes, snaps, and makes art. She recently published Tablecloth Nights, a Memoir, which can be purchased in paperback or e-book, at Amazon.com. She's happy with a camera or a book in her hand, likes to write and read in her car or in a coffee shop (pre-pandemic). She loves the smell of paint, works in mixed media, collage, and three dimensional concepts, and has exhibited in group and solo shows and outdoor installations. 

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