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Tablecloth Nights, a Memoir, has been published and is available for sale on Amazon.com!

Tablecloth Nights, a Memoir  

I am excited, proud, and a wee bit nervous about my book finally published. It’s not every day that one lays open their heart and soul and spills their guts. A memoir is an exercise in self-examination; what to leave out, what to put in…I think Bob Seger sang that, didn't he?

The authorial ride was looong and arduous. What started out as a few essays written over a decade ago, while sorting out old memories, and grasping new revelations, became a whole pile of essays that yelped to become chapters, though I didn’t know it at the time.

Families are tricky, as we all know, and mine turned out to be a good deal trickier than I imagined. Because my parents and their generation were all deceased by the time I got around to my questions, things were pretty muddled. The book began to put it in some kind of order.


Writing one’s life experiences, and leaving no ugly stone unturned (okay, maybe I left a few unturned) is akin to an unforeseen bucket of ice water dumped over one’s head – over, and over. After the writing process comes edit, edit, edit; reviewing again and again, one's shortcomings, weaknesses, directions gone wrong; pain that was caused, pain that was received.  A very emotional excursion. I’m glad I did it, and I'm glad it’s completed.  


If you enjoy Tablecloth Nights (I think you will) kindly recommend it to a friend – that’s great support, and much appreciated.


Best regards to you and yours, and stay safe and healthy, 


My next book promises to be fun! More a casual romp than an exhausting journey. It is a Cozy Mystery, depicting a non-bloody crime, with quirky characters out to solve the mystery. It takes place in the Catskills and I'm pretty sure it will be entertaining. And mysterious...perhaps giving way to a sleuth series.


Stay tuned...!

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Fern Suess writes, snaps, and makes art. She has written poetry for decades and has written a work of autobiographical fiction,
entitled Tablecloth Nights, which tells the story of  a woman discovering the identity of her biological father. She's happy with a camera in her hand, likes to write in her car or in a coffee shop, loves the smell of paint, works in mixed media, collage, and three dimensional concepts, and has exhibited in group and solo shows and outdoor installations. 

kfernsuess.com is listed as a Guest Blog on the Art Times Journal website. Check out creative opportunities, cultural events, gallery listings. 

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