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Tablecloth Nights, a Memoir,

 available at Amazon.com in paperback and ebook.

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Hi Blog Friends,

As we welcome in 2021, I believe we all look forward to some good news. Good news in the form of steady health, improved health for many, and a turn around in the pandemic period in which we find ourselves.


Yes, we long to see our loved ones, we crave a return to warm hugs, casually chatting with friends and acquaintances, and most of all, we wish to erase that shadow of concern, worry and fear that has pervaded our environment for the past several months.

We mourn all those who have lost their lives. We feel compassion for all those who struggle to maintain a modicum of dignity amidst financial struggles.

There are many who view hope on the horizon and I want to align myself with them, though I fear I am more of a realist than an optimist. Yet, when a good friend said the other day..."Nothing lasts forever", I took that to be a positive sign. And so it is. And so it goes.


I wish each and every one of you good health and that glimmer of hope with which to grasp and hang on tight. We all need more than virtual hugs, but I send one out to you anyway.

Be well, Fern

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Fern Suess writes, snaps, and makes art. She recently published Tablecloth Nights, a Memoir, which can be purchased in paperback or e-book, at Amazon.com. She's happy with a camera or a book in her hand, likes to write and read in her car or in a coffee shop (pre-pandemic). She loves the smell of paint, works in mixed media, collage, and three dimensional concepts, and has exhibited in group and solo shows and outdoor installations. 


kfernsuess.com is listed as a Guest Blog on the Art Times Journal website. Check out creative opportunities, cultural events, gallery listings. 

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