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Happy New Decade Blog Friends!

I hope each and every one of you enjoyed some time with family and/or friends during the recent holidays. 

This year, with all my family and step family together here, I felt the kind of warmth and lightheaded-ness (okay, maybe that was the eggnog) that I don't feel often. I could attempt to compare it to a creative discovery, a dazzling sunset over the pond, or an extraordinary movie. But no...it's incomparable. And it is swift, that contentment and joy gone before it can be registered, like a bolt of lightening, or a moon passing behind a cloud. We laugh, we share meals and memories, we tear open carefully wrapped thoughtful gifts that bring joy, surprise, and sometimes a warm tear to an eye. A day, a couple of days, and then it's over.


My kids haven't been kids in a long time, even though I call them that, and my wee granddaughter is a mere six inches shorter than I am (five if I am being truthful, allowing for my geezer shrinkage.)

I do know how time flies. And yet, how does it happen? A new year? A new decade? The years slip away like slick shoes on an icy surface, and we find ourselves in 2020 ready to work on those goals.


For me, I want to smile more (nothing worse than a grumpy geezer), express gratitude frequently, be more compassionate, less cynical, and spend less time on social media. 


I want to visit a place I've never been, return to a place I love, and yes, I want to see "Father father" published, or self published, this year.

Be very well, Best, Fern

Photo taken on the banks of the Hudson River at Rhinecliff train Station in January. I see this as representative of the hope we have for our new year and new decade.

I welcome your comments!  kfernsuess@gmail.com. 

Fern Suess writes, snaps, and makes art. She has written poetry for decades, founded and ran a poetry group in Woodstock, New York for seven years, and recently finished a work of autobiographical fiction entitled Father Father, which tells the story of  a woman discovering the identity of her biological father. She's happy with a camera in her hand, likes to write in her car or in a coffee shop, loves the smell of paint, works in mixed media, collage, and three dimensional concepts, and has exhibited in group and solo shows and outdoor installations. She's worked in outside sales, retail sales, non-profits, events management, and communications. She's freelanced for a regional newspaper, and chauffeured for a limousine service. Throughout all the jobs, she wrote, made art, and took pictures.

kfernsuess.com is listed as a Guest Blog on the Art Times Journal website. 
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