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Smile to the Heart

I've attended Qi Gong classes for almost two years, yet often feel I am no closer to understanding the flow, and meaning than when I started. Is it the focus, the grace, the breathing that befuddles me at times? It can be daunting. Sometimes, towards the end of the class, when we are doing a group mediation, all I can think about is going for coffee. I must push that aside. Then, as I sit with my eyes closed, focusing, I begin to mentally go around the circle, naming those sitting in the circle. Can I remember where they are sitting? Will I be right when I open my eyes? What’s up with that hat that so and so is wearing? “Stop” I tell myself. “Concentrate. Concentrate.” I hear someone’s stomach blipping. That almost sets me off to a bout of juvenile laughter. “Smile to the heart, smile to the heart” I mutter to myself. The many phrases that accompany the movements often meld into a sing song recitation in my brain. Yet I am determined to plow forward, learning and absorbing as much as I can. Someday these phrases will all make sense.

Smile to the heart lift your perineum

Picture planet earth in your dantian

rest your hands on your lower dantian

angry eyes

stick out your tongue

massage your liver

crane walk

the six winds

triple heater

thymus gland, Amsterdam

find the bubbling spring in your foot

ball of chi

Take your ball to the wall

Your sexual palace

microcosmic orbit

standing like a tree

pushing clouds

six healing sounds: chi, hee, shoo/choo, arggh, ahhhh

spinal cord breathing

shake it loose, swing and slap

Geraldine, Josephine, raise your spleen

Stand on your bubbling springs

Keep your balls on the ground

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