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Busy is as Busy does?

I disturbed an ant nest today as I swept and scooped up a pile of dirt and weeds. I watched them scatter - small and black and peeved at being cast out. I can’t blame them. I supposed it would take them a while, with concentrated effort and hard work, to rebuild, Still, as I continued to sweep, giving them a wide berth, I was puzzled at their erratic behavior. What were they thinking while they ran thither and yon, going round in circles, back tracking, running away from each other, crashing into each other. I imagined some dialogue:

“Now what, Harry?”

“Call 911”

“Ruby, get a flashlight, grab some blankets.”

“Call the neighbors”

“George – you go and scout out our next location. Harriet, go with him. No, stay here, we need you here.”

“Joe, where are the colony tools?”

“Gretchen, go pack some food”

“Hank, drop that and help me over here.”

“No, don’t take that, leave that.”

“Wait for me”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going with you.”

“Where’s she going?”

Maybe I was not being busy enough, having time to let my brain imagine ant dialogue. Then again, I've never like that word "Busy." Busy comes from the Old English bisig, which means “careful, anxious, continually employed or occupied.” A quick survey of an online thesaurus produced the following synonyms for busy: unavailable, buried, overloaded, slaving, snowed, swamped, tied up. Huffington Post

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